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West Virginia Clip File

The West Virginia Clip File is a collection of newspaper articles from the Charleston Gazette and Daily Mail dating from the 1950s to the present. Also included are magazine articles, brochures, programs and other items of historical interest.

The focus of the Clip File is on the people, places and events in Charleston, Kanawha County and the surrounding counties, but important topics of statewide interest are also included. Examples are files on interstate highways, coal mining as well as colleges and universities. There are also files on each county and many of the cities and towns in the state. Items about a business in Kanawha County may be added to the file while a story about the same kind of business in the Eastern Panhandle may not.

How do I access the clip files?

The clip file collection is kept in a non-public area near the reference desk. If you wish to look through the collection, go to the reference desk and ask a librarian for assistance.

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Why do we have it?

The goal of the Clip File is to make available information on the people, places and events of the state that may not be easily accessed elsewhere.

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Clip Collecting Guidelines

One question is asked to determine if a clipping should be added to the files: Will the information be useful to someone doing any research on the topic in five years? Articles on the closing of glassware companies, for example, would be added because it would be a piece of crucial information for someone looking for information on that topic.

There are also certain types of articles that are not included. Articles on crime, accidents and natural disasters are not usually added to the files. Some exceptions are when it is a significant event such as an airplane crash or widespread flooding. Statistical information or other types of information easily accessed on the web are not added. An article on how the renewal of the Marshall-WVU football rivalry would be included, but game statistics accessible on the web would not.

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