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West Virginia Books


The circulating collection has a variety of old and new titles about the state. Areas covered in depth include

  • biography
  • travel
  • history
  • West Virginia glassware and china
  • coal and coal mining
  • folklore and humor
  • poetry

West Virginia history is the area covered in the most depth and breadth, with good general histories of the state as well as historical views of the coal industry, education, government and the Civil War highlighting the collection.

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Works of fiction by West Virginia authors are shelved with the rest of the fiction. The library contains works of well known authors such as Eugenia Price, Mary Lee Settle and Homer Hickam. Additionally, the collection includes a good selection of general fiction old and new as well as a variety of mysteries and romances written by state authors and/or set in the state.

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The reference collection mirrors the circulating one in that it is a well-rounded collection representing the life, history and culture that is West Virginia.

A strength of the reference collection is the titles on local, county, regional and state history with Kanawha County covered particularly well.

The county histories include recent titles as well as histories published in the late nineteenth century. The library also has titles published by commercial presses and those written by and published by people from that county.

Other collection highlights include:

  • many individual and collective biographies
  • copies of the West Virginia Blue Book from 1934 to the present
  • Charleston City Directories from 1898 to the present (a few years missing)

The collection also contains many unique and valuable items and as such they are kept in a nonpublic area. Please ask a librarian if you would like to see one of these special items kept in the West Virginia Reference area.

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