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Government Documents Collection

KCPL is a partial depository government document library. While more and more government documents are now being placed online, KCPL has many documents in paper form for public use at Charleston. These cannot be checked out. Please note that there are online versions of these as well which are freely available to the public.

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Hard Copies of Commonly Used Documents

  1. U.S. Government Manual (AE 2.108 2:)
    Directory of federal agencies and departments including address and staff information.
  2. Code of Federal Regulations (AE 2.106/3.2:)
    Standards which commerce and government must follow.
  3. U.S. Statutes-At-Large (GS 4.111:)
    This is a compendium of laws in their entirety as full texts.
  4. U.S. Code (Y 4.P 93 1:C 64)
    This is federal law divided into different sections arranged by subject.

All these resources and more can be found at the Charleston Library. The numbering and filing of these resources is a bit different so please don't hesitate to ask a Reference Librarian if you need help locating them.

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