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What Is Searchasuarus?

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Place for the beginning searcher to find magazine articles, newspaper articles, encyclopedia entries and more on a variety of topics ranging from animals to history to stories. Lexile (reading) levels of the information found go up to Grade 5.

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  • Dictionary/Encyclopedia entries
  • Magazine/Newspaper articles
  • Parts of books
  • Biographies
  • Radio/TV transcripts
  • Pictures
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Research databases
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Things to Know

Things to Know For Searching:

  • You might need to type different versions of the same words to get all the results. For example, if you type "mountain" in the search box it will search for the word "mountain" as well as "mountains." However, if you type in "mountains" (plural) it will only search for the plural version. It will leave out all the results that include the word "mountain."
  • You can make your search more specific and accurate by picking where you search. So if you type in "tiger" in the main box, it will search all the categories, from animals to stories. However, if you click on the category "animals" and then type "tiger" in the search box, you will only search the animal category for you less results to look through.
  • If you hit the "Go Back" button, it takes you back to the previous search page you were on, if you hit the "Start Over" button you have to begin your search all over again.
  • You can limit your searches by Lexile Level.
    Chart for lexile levels (reading levels by grade)
    Grade Text Measures (from the Lexile Map)
    Grade 1 200 to 400
    Grade 2 300 to 500
    Grade 3 500 to 700
    Grade 4 650 to 850
    Grade 5 750 to 950
    Grade 6 850 to 1050
    Grade 7 950 to 1075
    Grade 8 1000 to 1100
    Grade 9 1050 to 1150
    Grade 10 1100 to 1200
    Grade 11 & Grade 12 1100 to 1300
  • For more help searching, click the Help link in the upper right hand corner of the page. On the page that appears, look at the advice listed under the heading of Searching.

Things to Know For Your Results:

  • Results are divided by type, dictionary entries, biographies, etc.
  • You can print or email your results.

The West Virginia Library Commission provides statewide databases with funds from the West Virginia State Legislature and the Library Services and Technology Act administered by the Institute of Library and Museum Services. If you don't have a Kanawha County Public Library card access to this resource is available at the West Virginia Info Depot.

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