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What is Columbia Granger's World of Poetry Online

logo: Columbia Granger's World of Poetry Online Columbia Granger's World of Poetry Online

Online version of Columbia Granger's Index to Poetry.

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  • Find poems you know or find a new poem searching by subject.
  • Contains 210,000 full text poems to date but that number is always growing.
  • In addition to poem text, one can search:
    • Poet biographies
    • Anthologies
    • The Glossary, which contains poetry-related terms
    • A directory of Critical Context on selected topics such as 20th century soldier poetry and Chinese lyricism.
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Things to Know

  • All search screens have search directions built into the page so there is no extra clicking to find search help.
  • Search results provide an array of information when available. Such information includes:
    • How to cite the poem
    • The full text
    • The poet's bio
    • Poem info = where poem has been published and of those publications which ones are recommended by Granger's, and commentary about poem.
  • Not all poems will have full text available.
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