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What is Medline Plus?


Database containing various types of health and medical-related information from extremely credible sources including the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health, as well as other government agencies and organizations focusing on health and medicine.

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  • Articles from medical journals and encyclopedia
  • Generic/brand name/herbal drug information
  • The latest health news stories
  • Information on diseases
  • Directory links and searches for hospitals, dentists, doctors, and other healthcare specialists
  • Links to clinical trials, medical organizations, and libraries
  • As well as information in Spanish (hit the espanol button to change languages).
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Things to Know

  • One can search either by typing in a keyword or by picking a topic or entry in the links to the left (Health Topics, Drugs & Supplements, etc.) and then keep narrowing down your subject form the choices provided.
  • The FAQs link at upper right corner of homepage tells you how to cite information found in the database.
  • After selecting Health Topics from the links on the left side of the homepage, there is a variety of options on the bottom right side of the new page that allows one to select articles in large print or articles that are easy to understand. Check this out!
  • In the Drugs & Supplements pages, users can search for drugs by either their brand or more scientific name.
  • News articles in the database are only displayed for limited time. If you are interested but do not want to print right away, be aware of these time limitations.
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