Exploring West Virginia

Exploring West Virginia

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Augusta Heritage Center


From the sounds of an old-time fiddle tune and the clanging of a blacksmith's hammer on an anvil, to an Irish jig, a bluegrass banjo and the aromas from a Cajun kitchen, the traditional arts are alive and well at Augusta.

Crossings: Bridge Building in West Virginia


This documentary film explores the history of bridges in West Virginia from early pioneer construction to Congressional movements for bridge inspections.

Inspired Folk: Outsider Artists of West Virginia

cover photo: Inspired Folk: Outsider Artists of West Virginia 709.227 INSPIRED

This hour-long film and interactive DVD examines the lifelong work of 10 exceptional West Virginia artists -- their motivations, inspirations, obsessions and their world view -- artists whose work is so unique that it makes us question all the ways we define art.

The Mosque in Morgantown

279.35 MOSQUE

Former Wall Street Journal reporter Asra Nomani returns to her hometown in West Virginia and fights for social change within the local mosque.

A Moving Monument: The West Virginia State Capitol

975.437 MOVING

Tells the story of the six statehouses that have served as West Virginia's Capitol – a historical journey steeped with beauty, controversy and mystery.

Music of Heaven: Old-Time Music from Coal River Country

780.0711 HOLSTEIN

Music of Heaven features the extraordinary talents of William Sherman "Junior" Holstein, who visits with other traditional musicians in the area, describes old-time methods of making moonshine, and leads us through some of his own trials and tribulations as he battles personal demons.

Red Salt and Reynolds

664.409754 RED

An interpretation of the historic archeology at the Marmet Lock Replacement Project in Kanawha County. Four salt furnaces, John Reynold's mansion, a cabin occupied by his slaves, and the cemetery where he and several family members are buried are among the historic finds.

Road to Opportunity: The West Virginia Turnpike

625.7 ROAD

Throughout its fascinating history, the West Virginia Turnpike has evolved from being called a "road to nowhere" to being hailed as a modern marvel which tamed the mountains.

Welcome to Coalwood

975.449 WELCOME

Visit with the residents of Coalwood as they tell some of the history of this company-owned coal camp, founded by George Carter, and hometown of Homer Hickam, whose memoir, Rocket Boys, was made into the movie October Sky.

West Virginia

cover photo: West Virginia 917.54 WEST

Take a look at the places and people of West Virginia. Go rafting, climbing, hiking and fishing in New River Gorge or look at regional crafts at Tamarack. Also take a look at coal mining and Cairo's annual Marble Festival.

West Virginia: A Film History

975.4 WEST

Tells the history of the state of West Virginia including pre-colonial days, the Civil War split from Virginia, the turn-of-the-century coal and labor struggles, and the social crises leading to the 1960s war on poverty.

Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia

975.439 WILD

A shocking and outlandish year-in-the-life documentary about the White family of Boone County, West Virginia.

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