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Our profiles

KCPL currently maintains pages on Facebook and Twitter to share information about the library services, programs, and collections. If you belong to these social networking sites you can become a friend, fan, or follower of the library.

Facebook–a community of library lovers

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The content on KCPL's Facebook page is open for anyone to read, but if you want a more interactive experience where you can comment and contribute to the discussion you will have to register with facebook and indicate that you want to participate by clicking the "like" button.

Teen Services on Facebook

KCPL has discontinued it MySpace page for the Teen Zone in favor of Kanawha County Public Library Teen Services page on Facebook. Log in and "like" us to get the latest information about teen collections and programs in your wall feed.

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Twitter–just the facts

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Twitter posts are restricted to 140 characters so the message on the main library twitter feed is short and to the point. We'll often include a link to our website so you can get more information related to whatever it is we have to tweet about.

KCPL Reference Twitter feed

The KCPLRef feed offers interesting, topical tidbits and links to information on the web.

Kanawha Teens

You can follow @KCPLteens for our teen services tweets.

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"Share this page" links has a special link in the upper-right part of every page that will allow you to share a link to that page with your friends and followers through your social networking profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace.

If you find something you like and think other's might too, give us some space on your profile and help spread the word about what KCPL has to offer.

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