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What is mobile at KCPL?

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What do we mean when we talk about mobile at KCPL? Sure, we mean phones, but mobile also includes any digital device you can carry and use away from your desktop, like the latest generation of tablet computers, e-Readers and even mp3 players. KCPL strives to support many of the most popular devices as the technology rapidly evolves.

Mobile can be thought of as a new point of service where you interact with KCPL resources wherever you may be. KCPL is developing a suite of services, including native applications and specially designed web sites, that take advantage of the features of this new generation of devices and deliver information tailored to the mobile user experience.

Visit this section of our website to get information about KCPL's new services.

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Mobile tech tip

Wireless on your smartphone

Many of the latest generation smartphones come with the ability to connect to wireless networks like we have here at KCPL. There are benefits to doing this as well as potential problems.

Wireless service availableLearn more about KCPL wireless service

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The biggest benefit is the savings on your bill. More and more often cellular networks are limiting the amount of data transfers allowed each month. Going over could mean additional charges. Using your phone's wireless connection will allow you to connect to the internet without using up those valuable bits of data transfer. You may also want to connect to a wireless network if you find yourself in an area where data roaming charges may apply. You may also find that wireless data transfer is faster, but results may vary.

On the down side is the possibility of using up your battery power faster. This is dependent on the wireless signal strength. You will also want to be careful of what information you send over the wireless connection because it may not be encrypted.

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