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Having a wonderful time! Wish you were here - a postcard tour of West Virginia

Grand Hotel - Greetings from Old Sweet Springs, W. Va.

This visual tour of West Virginia landmarks draws from the vintage postcards in the KCPL's collection of historic photographs.

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Going to town - the shops of 1900s Charleston

These photographs feature the businesses of Charleston, West Virginia in the 1900s.

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KCPLs photograph collection

Historic photographs of Charleston and Kanawha County and the James Randall Black History collection make up a major part of the library's photograph collection.

The Charleston and Kanawha County photographs include street scenes from various decades in the 20th century, bridges, river scenes, business and factories.

The James Randall Black History collection chronicles the people and places of Charleston's African-American history. The photographs feature the men and women of the area and bear witness to the churches, schools, stores and neighborhoods they built in the atmosphere of segregation.

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