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Teacher Collection Guidelines

The Kanawha County Public Library Children's Services Department provides reading material for birth to grade 6. Teachers, day care providers and homeschoolers are provided, upon request, a teacher collection "card" for use in checking out books for the classroom. Teachers may sign up for a card at any of our locations. A card will not actually be given to the teacher, but will be kept on file in Charleston Children's Services Department and must be used only with the Juvenile Deposit Collection in the Charleston library.

There are two ways of obtaining a collection. The teacher may visit Charleston Children's Services to select books from our special collection. Or, the teacher may request from any KCPL location that the Charleston staff assemble the collection. Notice must be given five (5) or more days ahead of time. The following guidelines apply to the use of the card:

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Teacher Use of the Collection

  1. All books will be checked out from Charleston Children's Services.
  2. Books must be selected from the Juvenile Deposit collection of the Children's Services Department. A total of forty (40) books may be checked out on a card.
  3. Teachers are invited to check out AV materials on their personal cards. Please be aware of public performance rights for these materials when sharing them with students.
  4. Books, with the exception of holiday books (14 days), will be checked out for twenty-eight (28) days with one (1) renewal period. A renewal request may be made by telephone if the call is made prior to the due date.
  5. In the efforts of fairness and to accommodate all teachers utilizing the collection, the following measures will govern the selection process:
    1. There is a limit of five (5) books per Dewey number when selecting non-fiction.
    2. There is a limit of three (3) holiday books per teacher card.
    3. There is a limit of five (5) new books per teacher card.
    4. Only two (2) copies of the same title will be checked out per teacher, regardless of the number of family members' cards you may have.
  6. A canvas bag will be given to the teacher in which to carry the books. A tag will be attached to the bag with the teacher's name, school, number of books and the due date(s).
  7. A printout of titles will be made of the items checked out on the teacher collection card and placed in the bag.
  8. While teachers are asked to be responsible for books they check out, KCPL will extend a loss rate of up to 20% before billing for lost books. Also, teachers will not be charged the $5.00 processing fee for items checked out on teacher collection cards.
  9. If a teacher wishes for another person (colleague, spouse, or parent volunteer) to select and check out materials for her/him, please notify the Children's Services Department in writing of this request.
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Requested Collection

  1. The above stipulations will be used in assembling these collections.
  2. A request for a collection must be given five (5) or more days in advance by phone or in person at any KCPL location. Direct calls to the Charleston location are encouraged. Please phone Judy Polak at 343-4646 ext. 279, or a teacher may fax a request to 348-6530.
  3. A form will be used to gather information for processing the collection. This form may also be used by teachers who want to request a collection. Please copy as needed.
  4. Once the collection has been processed, it will be bagged, tagged and labeled with the number of books contained and the date due. A printout sheet of the titles will be included.
  5. The teacher will be notified at school or home (optional) that the collection is ready for pick up at the requested library location. We encourage teachers to retrieve collections at the Charleston location. Due to the scheduling of our courier service, it may take up to a week, after processing, before delivery to library of choice. Collections will be held three days at the pick up library. If by chance it is not needed, the teacher is to notify the library.
  6. The drive-thru window at the Charleston location may be utilized if five books or less are needed. A request may be made by phone to Children's Services asking that books be placed on your teacher card. They are then checked out, sent to the window and held for three days.

Thank you for your help and co-operation with this service. Please remember that guidelines are subject to change.

For any assistance contact:

Children's Department
Kanawha County Public Library
123 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV 25301

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