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Read Aloud Tips for Parents

  1. Preview the book before you read it to your child. This lets you know the content of the book and if you need to shorten it or make changes based upon the developmental level of your child.
  2. Always share books with your child that you enjoy or like. If you read a book that you don't like, this will be apparent to your child in your voice and in your manner.
  3. Convey the idea that read aloud time is special — make sure that everyone is comfortable and use this as an opportunity to snuggle with your children.
  4. Schedule a read aloud time each day with your children so that they know how important this is to your family.
  5. Take time to introduce the book by reading the title of the book plus the author and illustrator names.
  6. Read with expression by changing your voice to suit the mood or action.
  7. Talk to your child as you are reading — ask them to predict what will happen next, explain new words to them, and relate information that makes the story more personal to them.
  8. Allow time for your children to ask questions during the story. This allows them to bring their own life experiences to the story and it helps them see the connection between books and real life.
  9. Above all, enjoy this special time with your children! By reading aloud to them each day you are modeling the importance of reading and helping your children to increase their knowledge of the world.
  10. Need more help? Connect to the Reading is Fundamental web site.
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