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Tips & Activities for Developing Infant Vocabulary

  • Increase your baby's vocabulary by talking to your child everyday about the activities you are doing together. For example, if going for a walk, point to cars, houses, animals or other objects that you see. Label those objects and talk about them.

  • Say the names of toys, books, or other objects as you give them to your baby.

  • Walk or crawl with your baby around the house. Have your baby touch different objects and talk about how the objects feel. If you are touching the carpet, tell your baby that the carpet feels "soft," "scratchy," "plush," "rough," etc.

  • Do the above with other activities that involve the senses. For example, at feeding time, talk about how food tastes. While cooking, talk about how the food smells.

  • Read boardbooks to your baby that have a picture of an object and its word underneath it.

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