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Class Visits and Tours

Looking for an educational field trip? Try a tour of the library! There's nothing better to familiarize your students with the materials available and even get direction on a particular assignment. The only requirement is two weeks advance notice so that library staff members may plan programs appropriate for your students' age level. They can tailor your visit especially for you. Please call to arrange a visit.

Library visits and instructional tours will allow students to learn how to use the public library best, and will provide an opportunity for a class to come to the library to do research as a group.

At the Main Library, the young adult specialist is the coordinator for tours for grades seven and up. These tours are conducted by the staff members from the Reference Department. Tours for students in grades kindergarten through six are arranged through the Children's Department. Preschool visits are also arranged through the Children's Department.

Main Library 343-4646

Visits and tours are available at the local branch libraries as well and must be scheduled in advance. Arrangements should be made by contacting the librarian of the particular branch you wish to visit.

Clendenin 548-6370
Cross Lanes 776-5999
Dunbar 766-7161
Elk Valley 965-3636
Glasgow 595-3131
Marmet 949-6628
Nitro 755-4432
Riverside 949-2400
Sissonville 984-2244
St. Albans 722-4244
Please review the guidelines for the Main Library (listed below) before preparing for a library visit.

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What We Offer:

Basic Tour/Building Orientation includes an introduction to basic reference sources such as encyclopedia sets, the Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature, etc., and an overview of the layout of the building and location of materials; may also include instruction in the use of the computer and other technology. Storytimes are available for preschool through grade 6 in the Children's department.

Specialized Tour tailored to a specific research need for a group; may include having books set aside on a specific topic for students to use while in the library (e.g., class researching famous black Americans).

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Arrangements for class visits/tours

Library tours must be arranged by the teacher at least two weeks in advance. The exception to this rule is a small group (10 or less) that does not require library instruction and will be doing research only. Those wishing to book a class visit can either contact the appropriate tour coordinator (see above) by phone.

Library tours will be conducted Monday through Friday and are subject to staff availability during these times. Class visits scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Library instruction for groups of 25 or less may also be conducted in other areas of the building.

Please note: The teacher/group leader should not automatically assume that the tour has been booked. The tour is not officially booked until the coordinator or acting coordinator has verified that the date and time are acceptable and confirms this with the teacher/group leader.

Adults accompanying the group are expected to remain with the students for the duration of the tour, and, in cases where students are remaining in the library to do research, help provide individualized assistance to the students. Any special materials needed for a particular type of tour (e.g. magazines or special subject indexes, etc.) must be indicated at the time arrangements are made.

For information about obtaining library cards contact the Popular Materials department, or for grades K-6 contact the Children's department.

Class visits/tours are intended both as a public service and as an instructional aid.

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