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Get Notification of New Materials?

You may choose to be notified when new items by your favorite authors and on subjects that you enjoy are added to the collection.

  1. If you are not already logged in, connect to the e-Library and enter your library card number and PIN.
  2. Forgot your PIN? Call the library at 304-343-4646 or Contact Us online.
  3. Then click on Login to the e-library OPAC.
  4. As you search for material, click on Details, depending on the type of search, you may see the following choices on the right of the screen:
    • Tell Me When New Materials by This Author Are Available
    • Tell Me When New Materials on These Topics Are Available
  5. If you would like future notices on either, click on the appropriate heading.
  6. The system will respond telling you that it has processed your request. Click OK.

You will receive e-mail notification or a letter informing you when new items are added to the collection.

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