Campaign Coordinating Committee

portrait: Mike Albert, Esq. Mike Albert, Esq.

portrait: Mary Kay Bond Mary Kay Bond

portrait: Kenneth Bailey, Ph.D. Kenneth Bailey, Ph.D.

portrait: Alan Engelbert Alan Engelbert, Library Director

portrait: Ginny George Ginny George

portrait: Tom Heywood, Esq. Tom Heywood, Esq.

portrait: Jeri Matheney Jeri Matheney

portrait: Patty  Tompkins Patty Tompkins,
Development Coordinator

portrait: Virginia Rugeley Virginia Rugeley

portrait: Matt Smith Matt Smith

Our Campaign Team

The Open a Modern Classic Capital Campaign will forever transform the Kanawha Valley by creating a new main library in the heart of Charleston's downtown area. In addition, six Kanawha County communities will benefit from either new or expanded branch libraries.

All successful projects of this magnitude require strong leadership and a corps of dedicated professionals and volunteers. The Capital Campaign team is deeply committed to realizing the vision of a vibrant library system—a vision that has been twenty years in the making.

The Library Foundation of Kanawha County, Inc.

  • Tom Heywood, President
  • Nelle R Chilton, 1st Vice President
  • Ginny George, 2nd Vice President
  • Mary Kay Bond
  • Bryan Cokeley
  • William Maxwell Davis
  • Michelle Easton
  • Carole Glasser
  • Steve Jubelirer
  • Michelle Marlowe
  • Jeri Matheney
  • Paige Payne
  • William C. Porth
  • John L. Ray
  • Larry Rowe
  • Virginia Rugeley
  • James Smith
  • Steve Wehrle

Ex-officio Members:

  • Alan Engelbert, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Mike Albert, KCPL Board President

Kanawha County Public Library Board of Directors

  • Mike Albert, President
  • Elizabeth O. Lord, 1st Vice President
  • Cheryl Crigger Morgan, 2nd Vice President
  • Alan Engelbert, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Nelle Chilton
  • Michelle Foster
  • Stephanie Haden
  • Monika Hussell
  • Brooke Lord
  • Jennifer Pauer
  • Susan Poffenbarger
  • Harry Reustle
  • Virginia H. Rugeley
  • Angelia M. Russell
  • Anne Silbernagel
  • Matthew Smith
  • Parker K. Smith, Jr.
  • James Withrow