Campaign Naming Opportunities

The Open a Modern Classic Capital Campaign provides an ideal opportunity to permanently link a donor's or loved one's name with the tradition and the future of the library

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Medical Resources Area


$1 million

Located in the Non-Fiction/Reference Department, this area will showcase the numerous resources offered by the library including print materials and electronic databases.

The Kanawha County Public Library is your partner in providing quality medical information.

At KCPL, we offer:

  • A large collection of materials for the layperson on health-related issues. They range from materials for students writing papers to materials for people researching illness in a family. We also feature materials relevant to the growing wellness movement.

  • The Reference Department has a robust collection of medical encyclopedias and titles on specific illnesses and medicines. Many encyclopedias and guides are also now available online for people to access 24/7 or staff can "push" articles to user's email. In the age of the internet, the library feels strongly that the public deserves and needs access to medical information from quality resources, not a string of unevaluated hits from a search engine.

  • Through the Library Commission, we have access to several medical databases - Health Source, Consumer and Health Source, Nursing and Academic. These are complemented by the online medical guides and encyclopedias purchased by KCPL.

  • The Reference Department regularly provides access to information we don't own by borrowing from larger libraries outside the county and across the country.

  • The library maintains an online guide of quality internet medical resources. It combines access to high quality medical data paid for by the library and custom pages, where trained staff aggregates information for the layperson.

  • The library as part of our purchase of catalogued web pages has a good range of quality medical web pages for patrons to access via e-Library.

As part of the Open a Modern Classic capital campaign, the Medical Resource Center has been developed as a potential naming opportunity with a fundraising goal of $1 million. The center will showcase the numerous resources offered by KCPL and will be located in the Non-Fiction/Reference Department in the new library, where professional, trained staff will guide users through the resources and suggest other sources of information.

It is our desire to recognize area physicians and members of the medical community as a collective group of contributors in this area of the new Main Library.

Naming opportunities are currently being developed for the various branch libraries included in this project.

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