Project Overview

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Pending resolution of the current funding situation, the Capital Campaign has been placed on hold.

A New, State-of-the-Art Main Library

  • To be located near the Clay Center for the Arts and Sciences in Downtown Charleston
  • Site size: 213,200 square feet
  • Building size: 2-story, 120,000 square foot structure

Branch Library Improvements

  • Cross Lanes Branch Library: 2,000 Square Foot Addition
  • Dunbar Branch Library: 2,400 Square Foot Addition
  • Elk Valley Branch Library: Leasing an 8500 Square Foot Facility.
  • Marmet Branch Library: New 5,500 Square Foot Building
  • St. Albans Branch Library: 9,500 Square Foot Addition
  • Sissonville Branch Library: 1,500 Square Foot Addition
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Campaign Goal

children's building blocks

The new Main Library and Branch enhancements will be funded from a wide range of public and private sources. The goal of the Open a Modern Classic Capital Campaign is to raise private funds from individuals, foundations, corporations and organizations. These private funds will play a critical role in leveraging additional monies in public funding at the Federal, State, County and City levels.

Total Project Budget

Main Library (including property acquisition, construction, furniture and equipment, and moving expenses): $40 million

Branches (new buildings and additions): $7 million

Total estimated budget: $47 million

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