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telephone: 304-949-2400

Mobile Library

KCPL's Mobile Library

Books (children's fiction and non-fiction, large print, some adult fiction and non-fiction) are checked out for four weeks. Bestsellers, videos, audiocassettes, popular adult fiction and non-fiction are checked out for two weeks. All materials may be renewed one time.

If the book you want is not on the shelf, ask about it. If available, we can bring or mail it to you.

You need a Kanawha County Public Library system card to check out books on the Mobile Library. You may register for a library card on the Mobile Library if you do not have one. Your first library card is free. If you lose your card, you can apply for a replacement card. There is a charge for a replacement card.

Fines are not charged if the Mobile Library fails to meet your stop. If the Mobile Library breaks down, an alternative vehicle will be sent to pick up your returns. If the bookmobile does not run because of bad weather, no fines will be charged because an alternative vehicle will not be sent out to pick up returns.

Fines on overdue materials are 10 cents per day per item. Materials borrowed from the Mobile Library may be returned to any Kanawha County Public Library system location. Also, materials borrowed from other locations may be returned to the Mobile Library.

If library material is lost or severly damaged, you will be charged a fee which includes the price of the item plus a processing fee.

We hope you enjoy using the Mobile Library, and the many services offered by the Kanawha County Public Library system. For more information, call the Mobile Library Department of the Kanawha County Public Library at 304-949-2400.

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