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Be Informed

KCPL's series of Be Informed resource guides helps you take a closer look at topical issues in the media. With the vast amount of resources available in today's golden age of information it's getting more difficult to know which sources you can trust. Be Informed provides information from a variety of trusted resources so you can get the facts you need to form your own opinions.

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West Virginia Primary and Secondary Education System

Link to a PDF of the audit report

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In 2010 the Governor Earl Ray Tomblin administration made Improving West Virginia's Education System one of its key initiatives. The state contracted with Public Works, LLC and its partner firm, MGT of America, to conduct a review of the education system. The resulting report, Education Efficiency Audit of West Virginia's Primary and Secondary Education System, "seeks to identify (1) savings and efficiencies, and (2) service-delivery improvements that can be instituted to make the best use of West Virginia's educational spending and to increase student achievement," and is focused on "how West Virginia's educational system can be better designed to meet the needs of students, elevate their aspirations, and prepare them for post-secondary education and careers."

When the results of the audit were delivered in January 2012 the West Virginia Board of Education was asked to respond to the recommendations found in the report. You can read more about their response and public reaction to the audit at the West Virginia Department of Education website's Audit Response page.

Governor Tomblin proposes action on the recommendations from the state audit at this session of the West Virginia Legislature.

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Presidential Elections

Your vote counts

Every fourth year on the first Tuesday in November the U.S. voters go to the polls to elect the president. Sometimes it seems that the campaign for the next president begins the following day. But it hasn't always been that way. This collection of authoritative governmental and non-partisan resources covers issues surrounding the election process, including the electoral college, campaign financing, presidential primaries, and voter identification. more information...

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Marcellus Shale

Marcellus Shale is a layer of sedimentary rock stretching from West Virginia to New York that is estimated to contain substantial quantities of natural gas. Improvements in natural gas extraction technology have made it feasible to develop this resource. Marcellus Shale development has met with considerable interest and controversy, from those worried about the environmental impact of drilling and from those hoping for jobs and economic opportunities more information...

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