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5 Things We Love This Week

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A Little History of Science

cover photo: A Little History of Science by W. F. Bynum 509 B99L

Science. Just the word strikes fear into the hearts of narrative junkies. But this book might change your mind. Through engaging and inviting stories, this book takes readers from the ancient Greeks to the computers of today, featuring many unsung heroes of the sciences. The warm illustrations make it a nice option for a family read with older kids. (And it totally counts for Britton...)

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The Music of John Williams: 40 Years of Film Music

catalog link: The Music of John Williams: 40 Years of Film Music by John Williams

(Music CD) Anyone who's ever seen a movie ever has probably heard the music of John Williams. From E.T. to Star Wars to Indiana Jones, Williams has composed some of the most iconic music in the film biz. This collection of four CDs is chock full of them. And one of our Reference Librarians says this is great driving music. Dare you not to hum along.

The Complete Star Wars Trilogy: The Original Radio Dramas

cover photo: The Complete Star Wars Trilogy: The Original Radio Dramas by Brian Daley

(Playaway) As you eagerly wait for news of the seventh episode of Star Wars (with glee or dread - we ain't judgin'), catch up with the your friends in the Alliance with this radio drama starring Anthony Daniels, Mark Hamill, John Lithgow, Billy Dee Williams, Edward Asner. Bonus: all three dramas are on one Playaway - no CDs to lose!


cover photo: Viral by Jim Lilliefors

In remote pockets of the Third World, a deadly virus is quietly sweeping through impoverished farming villages and shanty towns with frightening speed and potency. Meanwhile, in Washington, a three-word message left in a safe-deposit box may be the key to stopping the crisis-if, that is, Charles Mallory, a private intelligence contractor and former CIA operative, can decipher the puzzle before time runs out. Part Michael Crichton, part Vince Flynn, this book will have you up all night. And washing your hands.

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Soup Day

cover photo: Soup Day by Melissa Iwai JE IWA.M

A mother and child spend a snowy day together buying and preparing vegetables, assembling ingredients, and playing while their big pot of soup bubbles on the stove. Includes a recipe for "Snowy Day Vegetable Soup."

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Finding the Next Great Story

With more than 600,000 items in the library collection you may not be aware of everything KCPL has to offer.

KCPL's staff are devoted to helping you find the right book, video, or piece of music to suit your tastes. In the Popular Materials section adults will find

  • thematic slideshows featuring the best of our collections
  • reading maps designed to help you fully explore select topics
  • special links to award winners and new materials that we have collected
  • links to other websites that may help you find the best books, audiobooks, movies, or music
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