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The Library Foundation of Kanawha County, Inc.

The Library Foundation is a separate, non-profit organization which exists in support of the Kanawha County Public Library system.

Although funding for KCPL comes mostly through local and state tax revenues, the cost of resources and services can no longer be met only through these sources. The library also depends on generous donors who believe the library is essential to the quality of life in our community and that it deserves additional support. These private contributions are guided by the Foundation.

Give to the Annual Fund

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We appreciate the consistent support received from public and private sources, and look forward to serving the Kanawha Valley for many years to come due to the generosity of the people.

There are many ways businesses and individuals can become involved in and support the Foundation, including:

  • Annual Fund for the Library, the system's annual fund raising campaign for general operating purposes.
  • Sponsorship of a program such as the West Virginia Book Festival, held annually in October, or the Summer Library Club, a seven-week program which encourages children to read when school is out of session.
  • The Title Adoption Program which is a way for individuals and organizations to commemorate someone by recognizing milestones—births, deaths, weddings,anniversaries and retirements. A book plate is placed in the item purchased to acknowledge the donor and the honoree.
  • Friends of the Library is a group whose purpose is to support the library's vision and mission through: advocacy, assisting with special events, volunteerism, fund raising, public relations, and offering assistance and support to each library in the system.
  • Planned Gifts can show a lifetime of caring, and can be made through your will or a gift of property, life insurance, stocks or annuities. The Library Foundation of Kanawha County, Inc. can provide additional information regarding questions you may have about your planned gift for the benefit of the Kanawha County Public Library system.

The Mission of The Library Foundation is to support the vision and mission of the Kanawha County Public Library system by:

  • Providing vehicles for library supporters' charitable giving
  • Providing supplemental financial resources to KCPL
  • Serving as an advocate for libraries
  • Creating a county-wide volunteer support system for KCPL
  • Raising public awareness regarding both the value of and the needs of public libraries.

The Library Foundation of Kanawha County, Inc. Board of Directors:

  • Tom Heywood, President
  • Nelle R. Chilton, First Vice President
  • Ginny George, Second Vice President
  • Mary Kay Bond
  • Bryan Cokeley
  • William Maxwell Davis
  • Michelle Easton
  • Carole Glasser
  • Dr. Steven Jubelirer
  • Michelle Marlowe
  • Jeri Matheney
  • Paige Payne
  • William C. Porth
  • John L. Ray
  • Larry Rowe
  • Virginia H. Rugeley
  • James Smith
  • Steve Wehrle
  • Mike Albert, KCPL Board President, ex officio
  • Alan Engelbert, KCPL Director, Secretary/Treasurer, ex officio

For information or to become involved in supporting the library, contact:
Marketing & Development Office
123 Capitol Street
Charleston, WV 25301

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