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Access to electronic resources including the Internet are provided by the Library to fulfill the vision and mission of the Library as developed by the Library's Board of Directors and staff in concert with the community. Patrons using these resources in the Library must abide by the Library's policies and procedures, including the Code of Patron Behavior and the Children's Department Supplement which are posted in each Library and on the Library's website. All provisions of this policy are subordinate to local, state and federal statute.

For security reasons the Library does not permit patrons to install programs or upload/download software when using the Library's computers. Device usage that does not require software installation, including but not limited to device drivers, is permitted. The Library may impose restrictions on the use of Library PCs to ensure access and equitable use of the limited resources. Unauthorized access to the Library's computers, databases, network or software/hardware settings and/or damage to these resources are not permitted.

Patrons using electronic resources in violation of the Library's policies and procedures will be asked to cease these behaviors. Repeated violation of the Library's Electronic Resources and Usage Policy, abuse of computer equipment or tampering with computer programs or the operating system may result in the denial of access to the Library's building or a call to the police or other legal action as, in each instance, seems most appropriate.

The Internet offers a wealth of material, which enables the Library to enhance and supplement its existing collection. It allows access to ideas, information and commentary from around the world. Some resources, including government information and data, are increasingly available solely online. While much of the information on the Internet is personally, professionally and culturally enriching, there may be material that is offensive and disturbing to some individuals, or material that may be illegal. Not all information available via the Internet is accurate, current, complete or free.

Adopted by the Kanawha County Public Library Board of Directors April 8, 1996,

Amended by the Kanawha County Public Library Board of Directors on October 13, 1997; September 10, 2001; and August 10, 2009.

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