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What Is The Library Foundation of Kanawha County Inc.?

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The Library Foundation is a separate, non-profit organization which exists in support of the Kanawha County Public Library system.

Although funding for KCPL comes mostly through local and state tax revenues, the cost of resources and services can no longer be met only through these sources. The library also depends upon generous donors who believe that the library is essential to the quality of life in our community and that it deserves additional support.

We appreciate the consistent support received from public and private sources and look forward to serving the Kanawha Valley for many years to come.

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Here's What Friends Are For

The Friends organization is actually a committee of The Library Foundation and a member of the Foundation board serves on the Friends Steering Committee. The purpose of the committee is to support the library's vision and mission through: advocacy; assisting with special events, including volunteerism, fund raising and public relations; and offering assistance and support to each library in the system.

Joining the Friends helps your voice to be heard on library issues. And you help the Friends' voice become louder as our membership grows. Fill out and mail in the membership form (pdf document) today.

As a Friend, you will receive

  • A $5 discount on your ticket to the annual basket auction fund raiser.
  • At the Library, the library system's newsletter, published three times a year.
  • The sense of fulfillment that comes from supporting an important and vital community institution.
  • Members of the Golden and Silver Circles of Friends are periodically published in At the Library.
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Tell Us How You'd Like to Help

Here is a list of the Friends' tasks and committees.

Individual Projects

Ongoing Tasks

  • Annual used book sale: Sorting donated books at the Main Library which will be sold at the annual used book sale at the West Virginia Book Festival.
  • Refreshments: Provide treats for special events at the libraries.
  • Volunteering at a specific library.
  • KCPL's annual basket auction: Planning and implementing the Friends' major fund raiser, A Tisket, a Tasket, a Literary Basket, which is held in April each year.
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Library Workers Appreciation Day: Deliver cookies to all libraries during National Library Week.

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Annual Street Fair and Summer Book Sale: Assist in staging the event and manning the Friends booth, promoting Friends membership.

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West Virginia Book Festival: Assist in staging the event and manning the Friends booth.

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Main Library Open House: Provide refreshments and distribute treats to children.

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Committees of the Friends


Works with the Kanawha County Public Library and Foundation boards of directors to develop and carry out coordinated advocacy programs for the KCPL system. Specific tasks include writing about state and local library issues, speaking to groups about library issues and going to the Legislature.

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Communicates and works with the advisory boards and/or Friends groups at each of the nine branch libraries.

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Maintains regular communications with all Friends members and works with library staff on external communications regarding the Friends' activities.

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Fund Raising

A tisket a tasket a literary basket

Raises money to fund the grassroots efforts of the Friends of The Library Foundation. The primary fund raiser for the group is the basket auction, A Tisket, a Tasket...a Literary Basket, held each spring. Proceeds from this event are used primarily to support programming for children and families at KCPL.

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Oversees recruitment of new members and plans Friends membership events.

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Plans and manages the volunteer efforts of the Friends (at the Street Fair, West Virginia Book Festival, used book sale, etc.).

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